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Adult Sleep

Gingras Sleep Medicine

Sleep disorders in adults impact all aspects of one's life: work, family, and individual health. Gingras Sleep Medicine understands this all too well. Let us help solve your sleep problem to provide you with better nights and brighter days.

About Sleep

Sleep is vital for healthy living and life, just like eating and breathing. Sleep allows the body to rest. During sleep, the muscles and brain tissues grow and repair. Researchers believe that during sleep, the brain performs important functions, such as storing memory, solving problems, and processing brain chemicals. Brain chemicals and hormones help keep the immune system healthy and regulate appetite.

A good night's sleep is necessary for the body to recharge and revitalize so waking hours are alert and productive. Learn more about how sleep works in our patient education library.

Clearly, sleep is a complex process and disruption of sleep can affect the way you think, behave, and feel during the day. Sleep disorders can also contribute to heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and other health conditions.

Symptoms of adult sleep disorders include:

  • Daytime tiredness
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Falling asleep at inappropriate times or places
  • Morning headache
  • Poor attention span and difficulty staying on task
  • Snoring
  • Stop breathing for periods during sleep or waking suddenly with a "gasp"

Sleep Conditions

Dr. Jeannine Gingras is a recognized authority in the field of sleep medicine. Some of the adult sleep disorders that she evaluates, diagnoses, and treats include:

Sleep Treatments

After a detailed evaluation, Dr. Gingras discusses sleep treatment options thoroughly with adult patients. There are many types of sleep treatments, and the type of treatment that you receive depends on many factors such as age, type of sleep disorder, and overall general health.

Some of the sleep treatment options recommended by Dr. Gingras for adult sleep disorders include:

  • Adenoidectomy
  • Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, sedatives, or sleeping pills
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Cognitive therapy
  • CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)
  • Dental devices to position the lower jaw and tongue
  • Improved sleep hygiene
  • Medication
  • Sleep position devices
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Weight loss for obesity

Are you bothered by a poor night's sleep? Call (704) 944-0562 or request an appointment online for a sleep consultation with our sleep specialist in Concord and Charlotte, North Carolina.